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Wait time for battle increased?

Went to battle to fill an incubator slot and I see it’s back to 120 seconds instead of the usual 30 seconds. Although it was getting to where it was easier to battle another player versus the AI bot since you could tell they had programmed their dinos to know what battle button we picked for the next move. My AI always knew how to counter what I chosen each time. Shame on you ludia for having to cheat at the battle. For shame.


It’s a waste of time for me. I enter arena for a few quick battles to farm battle numbers for the alliance missions. I dun need a 2 min wait twiddling my thumbs and getting more agitated over the counter.

Please change it back to 30 seconds or at most 1 minute. Why 2 mins?

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Its probably to slow down the new major issue… Unlimited boosts from incs. Yeah 2 or 3 boosts at a time isn’t much but add that up over hours of battling bots and speeding up every inc. The end of the game is coming… RIP


Yeah this 120 seconds wait time is very annoying. New feature… Stare at a screen for up to 120 seconds. Yeah. I think I am about to downgrade my likes for this game.


Come on ludia put the timer back to 30 sec. Do you think we’re going to fast forward the incubators with cash to get at the 1 and 2 boosts. Not going to happen. We’d have to dump $500-1000 daily to make a dent in the boosts. Put the timer back !!!


I would agree but the jump from 30s to 120s is pretty huge. It makes players less likely to even want to play arena because its a huge waste of time.

So to prevent their experiment from flopping, they are making the reason for boosts less palatable for players.

Speed opening arena incs is the realm of the PTP peeps. Assuming they can get a win. By extending the wait time, the PTP peeps will just continue but slower but the FTP and casual players will get annoyed. Waiting 2 mins to get AI or meeting more players who kick your behind so hard you wear it as a hat is what is killing the game.

I dun feel motivated to go arena anymore because its boring to wait 2 mins (if lucky) to fight AI then win. Occasionally meet a human who beats me or I beat them and someone gets to stare at the loading screen for a few mins again.

You are right. The game is ending. Only those whk have hours to waste staring at the loading screen will stay.


I would spend the HC to speed up incs anyway. Now I wun be doing so much speeding up despite the boosts in the incs. Its not worth the lull time. Why bother to wait for a match to start when the time of the actual battle is shorter than the wait time?


Although it sounds like doom and gloom, I think you may be right.
Without boost sales the mantra went from “Never use bucks to open incubators” to “ONLY use bucks to open incubators.”
I think it will come down to what percentage of the playerbase goes that route, but it will probably only affect really high arenas. It’s a pretty whalish approach and I have no clue how it will play out. Ludia will continue tweaking things I’m sure.


If an extra 90sec is enough to make you not want to play, i don’t know how you’ve stuck with the game for this long. 90sec in JWA is nothing.


I am pretty sure he meant to say: with 120 secs total wait, he will end-up fighting some real player and likely will lose, so no quick incubator OR 120 secs wait then fight AI will still make you lose time :slight_smile:

You have your opinion, but for many games it is never just one little thing that pushes a customer away. Everything adds up, until the straw breaks the camels back.
I will give you a non gaming analogy. People like spicy food, but at some point a person will decide the food is too spicy, and can’t eat it.


This change is for the greater good of the game. Not only will it slow down the incubator abusers who will milk the bots for unlimited boosts, it forces people to actually fight each other instead of hiding in constant AI battles and killing the arena. Sorry that you have to actually fight humans now and play the way it was intended. Some of us don’t want to wait endlessly for opponents. This keeps the arena more lively with real people.


I dun battle for glory so I dun wait for opponents. I just want a quick battle and move on. The extra 90s is 3 times the waiting time to give the matchmaker a chance to make me fodder for the top 10’s daily battle wins.

How I lasted so long is because battles came fast and there was less time wastage. I dun enjoy meeting human players and having to wreck their day or have my day wrecked just because Ludia wants to slow my battle grind by 3 times.

I dun need to hide behind AI. With the old 30s timer, I still progressed up the ranks every month with the 100s of battles meeting humans.

My Nublar Shores entry win was against you because I wanted to grind trophies and not just farm battles and incubators for alliance missions.

The greater good of the game shouldnt be making top players stare at their phones for 2 mins per battle when they just want to have a quick 10 battle session. The old 30s timer gave me enough human opponents to get into Nublar Shores and in 1.10 get a new top score. So it works as intended for my progress and my enjoyment.

A battle between 2 top players can last less than 2 mins so why should the wait time for every battle be longer than the battle itself? If you choose to want PvP every battle then yes you have to wait 2 mins or more. Been there didnt see the point. After a while, I decided just doing 1 AI battle after waiting 1 minute is better so the human players can come in.

Blame the players who were “excessively grinding” incubators for boosts. It was confirmed by Ludia that this is the reason for it. That term in quotes is also theirs.

@TheMaxx is correct. Some players aquired over 1k additional boosts from battling strictly AI over that 48 hrs. This is something that will hurt the arena for months to come.


You do know the problem is “solved” only for Nublar Shores right? Gyro Depot is still 30s timer for AI. So seems the solution is to grind in Gyro Depot until satisfied before charging up the ranks to get ranked.

It doesnt solve the boost grinding issue but makes Nublar Shores less desirable to enter early.


I know. Which will allow ppl below to still grind. But they have no answer for that. The implementation of this was poor at best. And just goes to show where their mind always leads them

So partially solving the problem by making it only the top arena and allowing those trying to break in to it have the advantage is worse than dping nothing at all.

It means if I wanna grind incubators i have to drop arenas and thus be a general annoyance to the lower arena players. Its back to 1.6 levels of immorality. Now the reward for doing so are better than just a few tens Irritator DNA

I agree. Hopefully they figure out something to fix this. I don’t know why a cap wasn’t installed day one and all of the trouble would’ve been avoided

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