Wait, what!? Did ludia just


Someone pinch me! Did ludia just LISTEN to our, the players, complaints and actually DO SOMETHING about it?! Im used to companies sending a huge long ‘thank you for you suggestions” and then doing nothing.

I did enjoy the game, but it was definitely lacking a social aspect. And it was beginning to stagnate. This new update definitely breathes new life into the game. I was ready to decrease play time dramatically, but now i want to go hunt Dinos!

“Impressive, most impressive!”


And now people are complaining about the raptor nerf XD


Raptor was my highest dino but i agree totally that he was way OP. I wish we have the option to Rank-Down a few dinos. I know that Marvel: Contest of Champions has issued tickets like this after a magor change.

But really, its a small - for all the great +s in this update. Looking forward to the future of this game now!


Yeah they were, but we had perfect counters, and a raptor team was a free win. People just never used them either correctly or at all. Sure, the Switch Method threw me off, but still, they could be beaten. Now they’re literal punching bags.


The only people complaining about the Raptor nerf are players who used them as a crutch to cheese the ladder matches and probably invested way too much time into leveling theirs. :smile:

People will eventually get used to not relying on Raptors all the time and maybe put some thought into their teambuilding for once :stuck_out_tongue:


Raptors were strong but they are common so everyone had one. They needed a small adjustment, but what Ludia has done has made them a one hit wonder and that is it.


I had a Vraptor on my team since the start (not my starter, Maju was), but I didn’t always rely on her. Sure she got me out of sone situations, but the ones that wanted a nerf were those who failed to counter them [and possibly not try]. Now we got the nerf and the same ones are going nuts. I’m just sitting here with popcorn.


What I find funny is people are still trying to use them. Like, I learned the hard way you can’t one-shot now, and quickly thought otherwise. But with what I’m running now, my Vraptor is enjoying not fighting.


I still use her because a first turn jump makes it easier on the dinosaur I swap to afterwards. I can’t use her the way I did before so she is now just a support choice rather than an attacker.


Yeah, that could work. Lol, it threw a wrench for me, so I wasn’t sure what to do. But I’m not too worried. I have Amargocephalus XD