Wait, when this happened?

I was just looking at the raid boss schedule… But then I noticed something weird…

Why there is wooly mammoth raid scheduled on Saturday?
Did I missed any news?
Did they bring back wooly mammoth boss?
Or it is just a Bug?

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Hpe that they bringed it back I need it to finish mammolania and I am not geting lucky whit this weeks towers


If they planned to bring it back, then It would be Nice… Because Mammoth has 3 hybrids now…

They’re bringing it back for a short time but sadly it’s gonna leave again



Thanks…! :smiley:

same. I have been trying to get arctodus and have gotten none. The expert winter trial we got is not in my circle.

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Woolly mammoth is there since it’s a Christmas Dino and it’s the easiest to put in since it already was there


yep. The mammoth boss was already designed and coded before getting replaced by blue

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