Waited for legendary and then ripped off


Waited while the count down to launch hit zero on my iPhone and also had the maps open on the iPad and soon as it was available it was stripped off the map and off my launch section!!! What’s the go with this rubbish???


Yeah disappearing dinos are a pain think it’s something to do with the spawn times of them it might have been there for a certain amount of time and when you got to it it was the end of it’s cycle


The timer on that event ended this morning. :smiley:


So…you darted the legendary, waited for it to end and expected another to spawn even though it was stated you only get 1 day and 1 attempt?


Yeah Kristi is right, look how close you were to the timer going out. You can see it at the top of your screen shot. Cut it to close looks like.


As Myp said, it only appears on one day and you only have one chance to dart it. According to that screenshot, you’ve had your attempt. The new dinos for this week have already been revealed. Why would you think the Alankylosaurus would appear again?


Yeah I’m a bit confused here. Exactly what is the problem?