Waiting 2 min for other player to join

Am I the only one that thinks there should be a small reward in coin for waiting the full two minutes for a battle to timeout? It’s frustrating enough waiting 1 min.

I never wait the full 2 mins if it doesn’t time out by the time it gets to 60 seconds you’ve been placed in a game and you’re being beaten by the other player you just can’t see it . If you get to 58 59 seconds left close app and restart when you restart you’ll see you’re battling and probably one down by the time you get back in . It’s a nightmare but happens a lot


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spit take

even entitled people are taken aback by this sentiment.


Words of wisdom.

Acho que o oponente que demora tanto tempo para jogar deixando o outro numa expectativa emocional. Deveria ser rebaixado em sua posição no ranking geral. Normalmente quando há algo a perder o usuário se compromete mais com o jogo e respeito ao seu adversário.