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Waiting? But still useless!


Having a team of 20-30% critical hit dinos…to never actually get a critical hit! Even tho the oppositions team will hit me with at least 3-4 per battle with their 5% critical dinos!!! cloak and evade Dinos that seem to have an almost 90% fail rate of dodging! Oh and to top of the awful battles on this game…when I do finally get he upper hand after like 8 losses…the game decides to disconnect on the final hit…costing me the battle! This game is ruined by the terrible battles, knowing it’s going to annoy the hell out of me before I even have my first battle.

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Just lvl a drac g2 don’t rely on crit! Also rely on raw damadge output rather than potential output!

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can i please see your team? and what trophy count you have


Ohhh again complaining about RNG.
Things work fine.

it’s just you don’t remember everytime you succeeded in crits and stuns you had low chance.

Count them and statistics will now be real for. you.



The reason I’m complaining ‘AGAIN’…is cus I do count my critical hits ( or lack of)…and awful cloak/evade fails. And today has been the same…8 cloak attempts…and 1 was successful…unlike the opponent who’s have worked 100% today.


progression man. little by little level them up. make uniques level them up. and youll see a difference. your team has hit a plateue and will hang around a 250 trophy gap. youll notice if you drop all the way down to the bottom and crush teams on your way back up, where your limit is. then adjust from there. right now you are in the adjusting stages. find out what the common level is, not the highest youve faced because that can be an arena dropper that shouldnt be there. then just level up to beat those matchups. remember, higher level dinos go first in most cases and… ofc have more hp. another thing i noticed is that if i have for example an irex on my team. more then likely ill be matched with someone who has one too. so personally i try not to include those types on my team. but if you do, just learn how to counter them. dont worry about the rng losses. work on your skill. i only get pissedat losses where i made the wrong move.