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Waiting for match forever

I just waited an hour in arena to find opponent,
but I couldn’t find anything.

it can be normal… but this just happened
few days ago.

so I think something’s wrong
in my game.

so, if someone knows how to fix this,
say it to me.

(I could upload this on Battle Arena category,
but I think my game got some problem…
so I uploaded this on Help&Support)

I have the same issue I have tried 4g and wifi nothing helps also see picture will happen to me if close the game to go do something and come back. Super unfair I dropped from 3990 to 3780 because of game issue


I won one of those. Got an incubator and trophies. In about 10 minutes it fixed itself.

Still not fixed for me been like this since the last big update for Match make

Hey etlic, the game will usually try to match you against players with similar trophies as you but waiting an hour for a match sounds like there could be a problem with the connection. Try some of the troubleshooting steps here and see if it fixes the matchmaking process: Lost a battle I was winning
If the issue persists, email our staff here at with your support key and they’ll be glad to try and assist you as well.