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Waiting for Sage,Jasmin and Samantha to return

Damien and Noah are decent but I have been waiting months for those three :frowning:

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Hi there, @JDR, I’m sorry to hear that you would have preferred more content for these different characters. :frowning:
I know that our team is working to improve the release schedule but I’ll be sure to let them know that you much prefer Sage, Jasmin, and Samantha, and that you’d like to see their stories continue.

Maybe daily releases including new characters

I’ve matched with Sage and Jasmine’s counterparts.

Sage is the werewolf, right? So, that’s Vittoria’s counterpart. It feels like forever since I last chatted with her, it almost feels like I dreamt the whole thing.

I’m not sure who Samantha is so I guess I got her counterpart too. Unless I’ve just forgotten her, because it’s been so long.

Samantha and her counterpart Aesha are the pro gamers

Ah right. Yeah, I matched with Aesha.