Waiting to strike in PvP

I’m relatively new to WoW, but I’ve noticed in PvP, a lot of my opponents wait until their action timer has almost run out before attacking. Is there a reason for that? Does it make it more likely that they’ll get a crit or something? Or is it just my imagination and they’re not waiting intentionally.

I think they might be planning their next moves. :thinking:

The reason is they plan to kill you with the arena timer they probably took middle lane they are tanky with heal.

That an issue I have with the game. In order to make sure every fight end they start adding flame but those flame is time based and not turn based.

So if I stall every action there is less turn for you to kill me before the flame kill your team if I hold middle lane.


Wait the flames are time based and not turn based?

Yes just look how they can start during your turn (timer going on) and not at the switch of turn.

If you keep playing fast you will notice that you have more turn between the start of the animation and when they start

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<3 New strategy for when I draw Cleric, Bard, Fighter, Barbarian