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Wake up Ludia!

You guys are heading at 100 mph towards the cliff edge, apparently with no brakes!

I lead a mid range alliance and have been trying to build a decent core of players over recent months. We’ve been getting there, step by step. Weekly alliance missions were greeted with great enthusiasm by all of us. Now that enthusiasm has gone, replaced by cynicism and boredom. Same rewards every week, creatures nobody wants or needs. Who wants to slog their guts out for 2k battles? No alliance management tools that we’ve all been calling for. This is on top of all the other well documented problems, and mistakes with schedules.

Now my best and most loyal players are talking of quitting, and I can understand exactly how they feel. I’ve been sensing the energy draining away the past couple of weeks. If these guys leave my alliance will have no purpose. If I lose the 20% of players who do 80% of the work we’re finished as an alliance. If you lose the 20% who provide 80% of your income, JW Alive is finished.

I think you need to get the alliance management tools into the game and implement changes to the weekly missions to make them worthwhile. Plus be consistent and stick with a decision, even if it might not have been the best one. That’s what I have to do in my job.

Please take this seriously, time is running out, another dinosaur extinction looms…!


Everyone else is waking up.

  1. How hard could it be to give us 2 New dinos every week?

We have got 20-30 dinos in 1 year!!

Everyone plays same stuff. Fun?

How good is it to face same dinos with same levels ? Everyone know this!

  1. Still people overlevel Dracocera.
    If their team is around lvl 20. Their Draco is 25+

Is this balance?

Is it okey to have a dino who could take out half of your health of any dino?

Sorry Mate.

Give up.


Totally agree with this, my enthusiasm for alliance missions is virtually at zero now, I plod along for the sake of the alliance but it has no individual reward for me, I need none of the dna on offer, hardly needed it at the beginning apart from some Sino but not even that anymore, you are very soon if not already going to be flogging a dead horse ( well Dino in this case )

Nah, it’s pointless. We could create 100 reasonable topics about how bad they are, but they won’t read it anyway.

There are so many cool other games and thanks God, it’s not Ludia who created them.

It’s sad, but this game won’t last a year more.


I heard Hatzegopteryz is the featured creature this week. Ludia need to wake up.

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Wow, you guys just only want epics and free stuff, don’t you? Who cares about Hatzegopteryx? It’ll just mean that maybe they might have Darwinopterix next week or after. If there was no such thing as a featured dino, no one would complain about how bad it is. It’s free, don’t complain. You don’t have to dart it. You don’t have to play, and you don’t have to like it. And please don’t try to speak for everyone because my entire alliance has great fun with the game still.

Do you even know how much work it is to model and program and balance out 1 new dino? And you’re asking for 2 per week? Don’t be ridiculous!

Ludia doesn’t need to wake up, it knows very well about these issues, they just don’t give much feedback. That, also, is a lot of work. Every patch round lots of things are fixed and introduced, but it’s “just” a simple mobile game. Don’t expect too much of it.

I’m not complaining.

Hatzegopteryz. Let that sink in.

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I’m happy with alliance missions and rewards.
As someone who does not work or live near a sino zone then incubators, special events & aliance missions are my only source of sino

As for battle missions, just because rewards might not seem useful now, who knows what will happen in the future. Why moan about free DNA?

Though I do agree user alliance mission contribution detailed stats would be very useful

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My alliance enthusiasm has decreased including mine. The biggest road blocks in this order are darting which hurts direct hits which affects DNA collection, daily battle incubators for the other one.
These are the biggest hurdles to ranking up. Cutting back myself on my efforts. Hoping for tools and missions different from daily ones.

so another month has gone by, still no alliance tools, or even mention of it.

Seems to me that nobody there is really caring about this, so I will most likely continue playing, but not as an alliance leader, not worth the aggravation!

I’ll give it until the end of June for something to happen.

I’m pretty sure they’ve kind of been busy dealing with the boosts issues and fustercluck that is 1.7 in general.

Lydia can go back to sleep now. She has been busy fixing the boost fiasco :sleeping:

Funny kind of fix? If they had not put in boosts at all and instead put their efforts into fixing bugs I am sure we’d all be a lot happier now

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I like the idea of Alliance tools and the chat needs an overhaul to be sure. But Boosts are no longer a serious problem since they have been reduced severely tO bAlAnCe MaTcHmAkInG.

Yes, fewer bugs and good changes to boosts, so maybe they have an opportunity now, fingers crossed!