Waking nightmare

Run! Run for your lives!


Legit player @Wrothgar?

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That is terrifying :fearful:

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Plenty of 30 trykos now in the top 100. Just better get used to it! Paddle my booty please!

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Seems to be:

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I can buy that … seems feasible with how everything else is balanced

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I am not sure if you guys noticed a pattern yet… once top ranks got a level 30 Stegogods, Ludia nerfed the spawns for the rest of us. Same is happening with Tryk… nerf of Trex spawns ensures the top remain top with their maxed out OP dinos.
Since we can’t really gather the necessary dna for it… obvious that Ludia is protecting their highest ranked and their big spenders from the “not so willing to spend crowd”


Great analysis!

Why didn’t they just protect them by putting it behind a paywall to begin with? If we are talking about folks that do not spend this seems like a silly end around. Folks have taken Stegod waaay up there forever not just spenders. So the plan was to make it just about the most common dino on earth then hide it?

Who shot Kennedy?i

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A 29 tryko, 27 erlidom and much easier to acquire dinos only at 25-26 seems legit?

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Ouch :frowning:

@Hersh how does one deal with this :joy:

Maybe they live in L3 and spent an abnormal amount on epic scents there. Not sure how it is now, but prior to 1.5 epic scents during the day would give constant Trex and Erlik there.

Ludia caters to low level players and always implements changes for the free players that higher levels don’t agree with. I’ll have to disagree that they’re “protecting” the higher level players. That’s definitely not happening.

Back it up with facts?
Here are some to speak against your claim:

  1. Spawn nerfs
  2. Scents for purchase to replace the spawns they nerfed.
  3. Specific dino spawn nerfs when a huge buff happens to a specific dino (ie Stegogod, Tryk) when top 50 have them at 29-30.
  4. Easy obtainable legendaries they just added are not used at top 100 fight unless they arr at 28+, because quite frankly they are dreadful.

I am a top 54-100 ranked player. These are just facts plain as day.

Spawn nerfs affect everyone. It’s no one’s fault but your own if you don’t have enough stego dna to max out the dinos that need it. Stego has been all over the map for months. I somehow managed to collect enough of them to max out stegocera and stegod. It was the easiest to find and dart for a long time. Barely any dinos below 28 are used at high levels because that’s what is needed to compete. I really don’t see any points being made in your comment.

There’s almost no incentive for high level players to progress in the game except to level dinos and battle it out for higher ranks. Arenas have been adjusted to cater to low levels. There are no new arenas for us to get to. Trophies from bots are gone now, which means i might wait up to 10 minutes for a battle in the middle of the night since I’d rather not waste my time fighting a bot. I don’t battle for incubators. I do it for rank. The people who whine about it the most will never even get high enough for it to matter to them, so it really just affects the high levels. Dinos get nerfed because of all the whining. Blame those people for the spawn nerfs and attack/health nerfs. Most new dinos are unusable at high levels anyway, so most of them are created for low level players. It’s pretty rare that a new dino gets introduced and immediately gets placed on high level teams.

Stegogod was a nobody until the SS buff, likewise with Try an underwhelming unique.I find it amusing YOU can’t see any of the clear points made out here, while the forums is screaming about them in one topic or another. Where are your points? You are no evidence to back up your arguments. I have provided you with spawn nerfs and scents at two clear facts that have sprung up of Ludia that have made no sense what so ever to most us. Except for you.

If you wish to drink the Ludia kool-aid and be blinded by what 90 % of the topics are about then go ahead and do so. Trying to debate this with you based on what seems to be 100% backed up by self game play, instead of patch notes, and what is actually transpring in the game is pointless and futile.

I honestly don’t know why i waste my time in this forum. You’re not making any sense. You claim spawn nerfs only affect low level players? I really don’t know what point you’re trying to make. The only conclusion I’ve drawn here is that you can’t comprehend simple words.