Waking nightmare

Let me have you re-read the orginal post. Seems like you didn’t quite follow the first time. So let us try that again, slower for you this time

"I am not sure if you guys noticed a pattern yet… once top ranks got a level 30 Stegogods, Ludia nerfed the spawns for the rest of us. Same is happening with Tryk… nerf of Trex spawns ensures the top remain top with their maxed out OP dinos.
Since we can’t really gather the necessary dna for it… obvious that Ludia is protecting their highest ranked and their big spenders from the “not so willing to spend crowd”

Ok. Now after you read that, again. You will say all spawn nerf affects everyone. In a way they do, but imagine this for a second. When you max out say a Tryk at 30, how much more Trex does that person need after the spawn nerfs? Not a whole lot. They will see a lot less Trex, but hey already used up the Trex to build up a 30 Tryk, great!

Let us look at Player 2, let us say they did not start their Tryk because it was quite abmyssal at the time. So the patch arrives, and the player initiates the level process of a Tryk. Brings him up to a certain level and is now stuck due to the recent spawn nerf. Affected by it in a much larger way that player one.

Your statement is therefor an invalid one. This spawn nerf does affect players differently across the board, mostly low ranked players get shafted because the Trex is used in so many uniques and now have a lot less access to it. While high ranked players that unlocked and maxed it out already see no change in what the spawn means to them.

If that doesn’t make sense nothing will.

I’m not reading all of that, but whose fault is it that you don’t have enough stego dna after all this time? Not the people who already have level 30s. That’s YOUR fault. They’ve been everywhere for months. I made sure i had enough dna to get to 30 because its an important dino. Stop skipping dinos when you hunt and you won’t have that problem. The t-rex spawn nerf affects everyone. Tryko isn’t the only one it is used for.

Can’t even bother to read when you counter? Only validating my point further.
Also you blame new players for not darting Stego DNA too? Because that is the logic to your argument. Seriously, stop you are just making yourself look bad at this point in this topic.

Not picking sides here but what about people who just started playing? If JWA is truly losing players, you’d think they’d want to make it easier for newbs to create plain ol Trex, not harder. “After all this time” means a much wider POV than “I’ve been playing since beta”


You’re gonna compare what new players can do to what people that have been playing for months can do? Obviously new players are at a disadvantage versus players that have hours and hours invested. That’s how everything is in life. They’ll just have to deal with the spawns like we all have always done. New players aren’t creating Tryko and Stegod. That has always been the case.

Also, i don’t have Tryko because i wasn’t interested in it before this update. I’ve been playing since June and am now in the same position as new players when it comes to that dino. See, EVERYONE is affected by spawn nerfs.

Hahaha you literally validate my argument by saying you in the exact same boat as new players, that only says there is more than one boat out there. Only ones not in this boat are people who maxed out the Tryk or Trex based legendaries and uniques… which is my first point I started out with. Case closed

29 tryk, 27 indoraptor, 27 erlidominus…
the amount of T-REX DNA needed for those alone… tells me they are legit :upside_down_face:


Yummy amounts of Trex!!

I don’t have Tryko because I decided to level my T-Rex to 29 and my Indo is only 25. I’ve been saying that spawn nerfs affect everyone. You’re the one who keeps getting derailed here. Legendary and Unique dinos should not be easily obtainable for new players, so I don’t even know why you’re implying that they should be. If people have maxed out dinos, it’s because they used their DNA wisely and have probably been playing for a while. I have still yet to see you make a point while you ignore my points made in my reply to you earlier. This is like talking to a brick wall, honestly. Or a child.

Please tell me that you’re not gonna start calling people cheaters again without any proof.

My Stegodeus, Stegoceratops and Monoceratops are literally on hold right now for lack of Stegosaurus’s. Can’t get to parks. It’s just too cold to get out… snow too. Those are out till spring. There are other ‘parked’ dino’s also that killed a couple others I was working on… or wanted to.

There are still a few decent ones to work on till the next migration.

Lot of hissing and growling going on in here.

Everyone be civil, please.

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