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Wal-mart special drops


Why do ppl in the USA get special wal-mart drops but ppl who have Asda don’t, so you know the ppl who own wal-mart own Asda as well so should Asda only places have the same drop :thinking:


The drops no longer exist!


The drops were a movie release promotion for Fallen Kingdom, if I remember correctly. They weren’t anything too special, anyway. 200 coins and some darts… DNA, if you were lucky.


Thanks for the reply :+1:t3: It just seems funny when the same ppl own the two and thay do a promo or a drop for one but not the other,would be like McDonald’s doin a drop but not the one say 3 roads/blocks away lol


Haha in our Walmart you lose reception the minute you walk through the door… the drop was in the middle of the store… couldn’t be reached by standing outside… blip around you wasnt big enough… try n figure that one out ha!


Must be a wal-mart/Asda thing with droppin WiFi as soon as I walk in any Asda my WiFi drops like a brick :joy::joy: