Walking Bonuses


I’d love to see some sort of walking bonus. Like every x meters/feet/miles/whatever walked gets you some DNA. Maybe select which level or creature you want and you have to walk further for rare vs common, or epic vs rare. Kinda like the PoGo buddy thing but different. It’s a good incentive for people to actually walk to do this instead of passenger seat it. Not that I’m against passenger seating it, I do it all the time…but just think this would be a nice addition to the game.


They are adding lures to the game that are suppose to drop from drops. Maybe they should make it so you earn the lures for every so far you walk or ‘move’ under the speed limit.

Example: Every 1 km, you get a common lure. The 3rd km, you get a rare lure and the 5th km, an epic lure. It just repeats like the battle incubators.

Just an idea for walking.


That’s a good idea too!


That would be unfair to older people or people with disabilities…


Generally the entire game is unfair in that respect. You can’t discount an idea because it might be unfair towards the elderly or disabled when the game is designed for active involvement.

Also the scent drops will actually be fairer to those, besides the fact you can only get free ones from drops.


AR games are generally unfair to the elderly and people with a disability . But it’s also a great way to give spoofers tons of free dna, since they can just set a route and have it walk 24/7.