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Walking Dinosaurs


Lots of us live in areas where the spawn points are outside our range. Yet some people live right on spawn points. Luck of the draw I suppose. My particular neighborhood gets zero spawns but there are multiple just outside my range - even one with two spawn points in a new developement where no houses are even built yet.

My suggestion to help out those of us who didn’t win the spawn lottery is for the dinosaurs to wander around the map after they spawn. This way, the specific spawn location isn’t relevant and each spawn will be accessible to more people as it wanders around the map.

How cool would it be to pull up your map and see the dinosaurs moving around like they would in real life? And that epic spawn down the street you can’t get to? Maybe it’ll wonder your way and you can grab it or maybe it’ll walk away from you and it’s now even further away.


~ Dan

Let dinosaurs move

This would be great for the game. They could at least walk around back and forth so many feet. Any kind of movement would make it more fun.


I really agree. I’m new user I have same issues. I even tried tapping on the screen maybe it would call attention to a dinosaur. I have kids. Gimme a break. They want get dinosaurs & win battles.


Yes please!


GREAT IDEA! I like it!


Before to make this, Ludia needs to fix a lot of issues :sweat_smile: but I am not so really excited about it, seen that every time I dart a dino it takes ages to reload the map, I can’t figure out how bad it will be with all the calculations this feature will increase.


I think this game is a bit limited by the frame of Pokémon.

If JWA can create flying dinosaurs flying around on the map, why not let other dinosaurs moving around but staying at a fixed spot?

Maybe some dino can go straight route, some can roaming around. Now the dinosaurs just appear from nowhere and disappear in around 15 mins. With my suggested moving setting the dino may not disappear anymore but “run away”. Maybe chasing dinosaurs will become a new fun thing.

think out of the box, this setting can make difference with Pokémon and should be very appealing to attract new players.


Sounds like a good idea! Would definitely make the map more “alive” :smile:


I was thinking that yesterday also.
It would be more reason to keep the game open. Imagine seeing a Trex running towards you and you just need to wait for it to get close and dart it before it passes you and runs off.


This would be too much for their servers to handle. Making them wander just around their spawn points randomly back and forth or even in semi circles would be great. Moving and stopping, moving and stopping. Ludia could program this to do it just on our phones, not on the servers so it’s our phones doing the random movements. This means if your playing with someone, the dino on their phone could be moving in a different direction of your friend. Your friend can get the dino but you can’t because it wandered out of range on yours. It’s a good idea and another random thing to add.


If this is possible, I would like to have then the possibility to disable this feature on my phone so that my map should load faster, cause I hunt 90% on the bus and having an immediate reloaded map helps me hunting more dinos. :wink: