Walking incentive


It would be nice if we got some kind of walking incentive… hatching eggs or coins maybe…


The incentive to walking is getting dna from dinos and looting supply drops.


It’s the game’s basis, not incentive imo


Yes, but if the game is designed around people walking to obtain stuff then why should there be an incentive on top of that? The incentive would be to advance quicker than if you didn’t go out walking.


Also the incentive is exercise.


Agreed but I think the OP point is valid. Many people go hunting in cars, on buses etc. I think it would be great to have a reward like PoGo where km racked up under a certain speed grant additional reward.

Maybe like the buddy system or maybe special dino eggs you can hatch through walking. I think it would incentive more walking that car hunting.


it is not an incentive of WALKING its an incentive of BEING IN PLACES. you dont necessarily need to walk to do those things. the game could give us something that gave us coins as long as we move under a certain speed


just give us coins for walking. noone would hunt on buses. actually noone would take the busses in the first place. walk everywhere!


I combine all of the above. Walking and darting to the gym and back, riding a bike to different zones for dinos that are not i mine, and keeping the child in me happy for having all the dinos i used to read about as a kid. :smiley: