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Walking = rewards!

Would love to see more rewards for walking… 3km = 15 min incubator. 5km = 3 hour incubator 7km = 8 hour incubator and so on…

Some more statistics would be great as well.
How far we have walked and how many of each dinosaur we have encountered, etc.
Also please add some daily challenges.

Loving the game, just needs a few tweaks.


That would be Pogo isn’t it? . It sounds great but spoofers/cheaters will definitely have a field day. They can walk around the country sitting at home!


Good idea but I agree cheater would exploit it too easily. I recommend my post “dinotrails” it could be a great way to create activity

Yeah I think it’s a good idea, but most people actually drive when playing this game… So if someone drives around and gets a 24 hour after a few minutes, then what’s the point of even going out for dinos if you get them from incubators from driving?

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They put a limit on the speed just as pogo did…

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High DNA collection scores while driving should also be rewarded. Especially if done on 2 phones at the same time.

I’ve thought that walking should just speed up incubator times.

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I agree one handed darting while using two phones is quite challenging… esp when dino on left hand phone is going right and dino on right handed phone is going down and to the left.

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