Wall of Shame


Anyone else sharing my misfortune? :joy:
You really just have to laugh. Maybe one day…


Kind of in the same boat

Also been trying to find a majungasaurus for ages but having some real bad luck lol got enough Nundasuchus and so close to creating it


Majungasaurus only spawns at night, but during the nights she is everywhere. Just try to look for her after the sunset!


Yeah they haven’t really been spawning around where I live either, I’ve only seen one and you have to go up 2 hills, but by the time I got there it despawned :smile:


Totally I have a bit more that need like a handful of DNA it’s so annoying and frustrating! Is it not?

I actually found one of the Dino’s today epic on the street got 79 DNA from him and still need more to unlock :triumph: so frustrating!

Good post!!