Walmart Event?


I saw a flash for a walmart event that’s goid fir 2 days when I openes the game but no other info. Please give some clarification.


Go to the Wal-Mart’s near you, and you’ll see a gold box to claim.


Is it normal supply drop box?

“what’s in the box?!” - Seven


Nearest wallmart is 9 700km, maybe I pass those goldbox :smiley:


I see a gold supply box. 200 coins instead of 20. Maybe an epic on a spawn timer(?), but all I see is commons for miles. Here is the official Twitter post.


I went and opened the gold box, it only had 30 darts in it. Nothing to impressive.

Not worth the trip in my opinion.


I also went to Walmart and ours was in the store so we had to get out and go in. Which would be fine but the drop was NOT worth it at all.