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Walrus whale (Jurassic file #4)

Time to take a look at the first creature with its own animation. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a Odobenocetops, which to me looks like a manatee with tusks.

Rarity: Regular Legendary

Animation: Whales

Class: Surface

Evo 1

Level 10

Health: 396

Attack: 159

Fact: Even though it has a face like walrus and a body of a manatee, Odobenocetops is more related to whales.

Evo 2

Level 20

Health: 657

Attack: 267

Fact: The name, Odobenocetops, means “Cetacean that seems to walk on it’s teeth”.
Cetacean are group of mammals that’s related to whales, porpoise, and dolphins.

Evo 3

Level 30

Health: 1111

Attack: 547

One of the unusual thing about this whale is it’s tusk. The tusks are not strong enough to fight predators though.

Evo 4

Level 40

Health: 1967

Attack: 857

Fact: Like rhinoceros in Africa this tusked whale is a solitary creature, preferring to live alone.

Hope y’all like it. There will be more creatures with their own animation at the future.

I like it, although if it is a VIP creature you would need to match the ferocity rankings of the other VIP creatures at each level. So as it sits currently it would be very under powered when compared to the other VIP creatures.

I’ll change it in a few moments