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Wand of lightning bug

The wand of lightning for the wizard no longer procs the red dice at 50%. It’s not mentioned in the update but it’s only getting the red dice 25% of the time, not 50% like it’s supposed to

I have passed on your concerns to our dev team. At this point we have no known Wand of Lighting bugs, it’s working as designed.

it’s possible that it’s a little bit of conformation bias, but it really doesn’t seem to get the red dice at all anymore. never procs in the arena, and rarely activates in the challenge levels.

For the challenges, i have just seen it proc 3 times in a row and for me it looks ok and proc at a normal rate of sometimes 25, and some other time 75, so i guess it’s just the RNG. Mine is level 5 (dunno if it makes any differences)

BUT for the Arena, as i already stated, all of the normal attack dices are at 0% proc chances. Unless you are the last survivor of your team.
I have never seen a single proc from my archer, healer, wizard, warlock, warrior or tommy (dunno why the rogue does) when the game was on 4v4. Even on the enemy side.
But as soon as the tide change and that the game becomes 4v3 or 4v2 in favor of the player, the enemy has Increased amount of chance to proc its weapons up to 99% when on 4v1.

But if the player is behind on 4v1, you don’t get that special bonus.

The procs are definitly wrong in the battle mode.

To this day, after over 1000 battle mode games, i have not seen a single proc of my lightning’s 50% proc chance in arena. Nor the 25% of Volley of my archer’s legendary bow. Nor the 75% pushback chances of my warlock.

Also I never get this proc’ing in the Arena.