Wandering Legendary's


It would be a nice add for a daytime and night time local zone wandering legendary dinosaurs. Maybe a legendary spawn every 4, 6 or 12 hours that roams the landscape, even crossing local zone borders. Maybe your servers could handle one moving dino per local zone.

I like the circling birds but it would be nice to see roaming creatures too. A wandering legendary would not be something everyone would just run into or have wander by every day. It would also have us players logging on often in hopes of seeing that legendary and running out to chase it down. Even if you only get one legendary per day. The chance that you turn on the game to have a legendary either in or wander into range would add some excitement.

This is just a suggestion, something to add interest and fun.


It would be very exciting!
But it would be too OP, also perhaps causes to not care about the rest anymore, like some people mention with event epics.


Wondering dinos in general would be a great idea.