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Want 3 level 20 sanctuaries, 10/10 mission & more! Come check out BOB!

If you are an active player who likes strategy, wants to help build 3 level 20 sanctuaries built in 48 hours, be part of a 10/10 or 10/9 alliance and have fun while doing it, come say hi to us at the B.O.B network.

We’re 12 alliances - 600 players - working together to create 3 level 20 sanctuaries in 48 hours. We’re always a step ahead with game strategy and we’re looking for active players who want to work as part of a team. We love our sanctuaries strategy and that double DNA reward so if this sounds like a community you want to join, head over to BOB

When you join us you’ll:

Help make your alliance a 10/10 alliance

You’ll be part of a strategic, forward thinking Co-op For example, here is our sanc management system that ensures 3 level 20 sanctuaries are achieved with ease.


You’ll gain access to 3 level 20 sanctuaries We create 2 meta sanctuaries and 1 variety to meet the needs of all players in the co-op.

If you’re a daily active player(s), you are strategic and this is the type of alliance you want to be part of come Be Our Blue!

BOB stands for Be Our Blue. Blue is a natural leader who is intelligent, cunning, kind and loyal. She is a team player and supports everyone in her pack. We’re looking for players who will Be Our Blue and who will join our alliances, work hard, have fun and motivate others to achieve the best. So join the Blue!


An absolutely amazing group of players. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve put those NERDy days behind me and now not only am I advancing, collecting DNA from 3 level 20 Sanctuaries, collecting rewards from 10/10 alliance missions, but I’m actually having FUN again! :blush::two_hearts: Thanks!


Couldn’t agree more!! This group has got to be the best out there! Really brought my levels up fast and the fun is back!!!
Did we mention (3) level 20 sancs??!!!:green_heart::green_heart:


Great alliance and with 3 sanctuaries at level 20 and complete alliance missions helps even the best players get better and friendly bunch aswell glad they let me join


The discord super active, with discussions, tips, and fun! :heart:
The team is really coordinated, and the results are apparent!


Can i join your alliance? I have 2 account
Lvl 11 and have 3,3k trophies but mark as cheater account (but i didn’t cheating) so i can battle everyday but not listed at leaderboard. And i have new account and still lvl 5

Hi @Fadhil_Athallah, I see you already found your way over. We’re a co-op of 12 alliances working together, so it is up to each alliance’s recruitment team to decide.

If you haven’t already, I would suggest reaching out to Ludia and having a conversation with them about the mark and why you received it. :slight_smile:


Absolutely LOVING our Co-op Sanctuaries! Lots of dinos to choose from for that much needed DNA! GREAT Alliances willing to help and support each other! :grin:


We have a few openings, so why don’t u come and join us!
Right now we can get unlimited interactions from the green supply drops, why not use them to get some extra dna from the dinos u really want. And 3 level 20 sanctuaries mean u get ALOT!

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Awesome group of people that treat each other as family. I just recently started playing this great game and was welcomed open arms because all they ask for is to contribute to the alliance. They are friendly and whenever you want to talk, they’re there for you. The coordination for the santuary really helps players, especially new ones advance. Greatly recommend these people for a fun time in the game.


Although I’m in a more casual 8-alliance co-op I know Steph well and highly recommend BOB for those who want to get the highest rewards - 10/10 and 3 level 20 sanctuaries - the game has to offer. Check them out first, you won’t regret it.


Highly recommend this alliance! I found them and they accepted me with five minutes…Super welcoming, love the teamwork focus and camaraderie!

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We are Raptor hunters and are a part of B.O.B.!!!
Active battles are most wanted!!
We can offer 3, yes 3 - L20 Sanctuaries.
We are an active Alliance that uses discord for communication.
We are supportive and help anyone that may need it.
We do have rules, of which I will be happy to inform you.
If interested, please send me a DM, as we do not accept blind requests.


The Raptor Brotherhood is part of BOB!
Recruiting is closed.
We have a very chatty family from all over the world.

We highly recommend joining bob! You will mostly likely find a good home!




WE’RE RECRUITING - rare few spots are open :slight_smile:

As the title says, we’re 19 alliance who work as a team to build 3 level 20 sanctuaries in less than 48 hours so we have DNA for all players and their dino needs. If you want to join the team, come say hi on our discord…

You don’t see us recruiting often because we’re strong 10/10 or 10/9 alliances who rarely need to recruit but you;re in luck a few spots have opened. If you’re an active player who is ready for the next level, come check us out.

If you’re not a daily active player but are, what I like to call, an active casual, we also partner with a wonderful 8 alliance co-op of active casual alliances (@DeLana and @Kodiakhunter1) who are always looking for new recruits. Come join us at the BOB Discord server, let us know and we’ll put you in touch.


Hey, I’m level 12 and super active. Can I join you?

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Tap on the link above to join B.O.B. There are several Alliances looking for super active players. Good luck!

Hi Ridge, We’re always looking for super active players. If you haven’t already joined the Discord, feel free to DM me and we can chat :-).

Looking for a strong Alliance? Would you like to have access to 3, yes, 3 - L20 Sanctuaries? Are you an active player? Come visit us: