Want a raptor? Buy a raptor! Suckered again :D

Legit 12x 10 in a row? Sry, that’s not cool if so and I’m right there with you.

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They are selling them the nerfed spawns of velociraptors for cash, and people are buying into it instead of demanding better spawn rates. As long as that happens, more and more of the free player base will disappear.

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Absolutely agree but in 5 Indoraptor fuses I usually get at least 1 that is 20,30,40 etc… to get 12 10s is not usual.

Yep 3 days ago it was like you said I had the same… but yesterday it was 10s only - I’ll do some more fusing tonight & report back

Same! 10s were the order of the day last night

Tonight’s bike hunt, I used a few scents and managed to get close to 17,000 veloci. Ran out of darts, and missed about 5. Got to fuse Indo 5x just now, and got 40/10/10/10/20. Got enough to fuse the spinota 4x and got 10/10/20/10. So many 10s lately :sleepy:

Definitely try using some more tomorrow.


Yeah, sorry to hear about the 10s but better him than us, eh?

I have seen more velos today in the wild than I have for a long time, at least 20 but have been rushing between meetings :frowning:

Ahem! “Him” better not be directed at moi as a) am very much a ‘She’ as my name somewhat suggests and b) well. that’s just rude :relieved:

So today, having bought even more of these, I got a 10…

BUT then 2 x 30s and a 20…

So… happy bunny :rabbit:

Sorry. “CleverBoy” is a girl and my sincere apologies. Don’t worry about exacting revenge…I just fused five 10s.

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Ah ha! My voodoo Joe_Ng doll worked :nerd_face:


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10 characters

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did you at least get the guaranteed dromedary?

and if so, one hump or two?

CleverBoy is a girl?!? :scream:


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Mind blown :exploding_head: