Want an alliance that will help you with DNA, RAIDS ETC? JOIN US, we have 10 open spots

Requirements we ask in return:
10 Weekly Tourney takedowns.
Respect Alliance Sanctuary policies.
Log in several times a week, and contribute with daily tasks for weekly Alliance Incubators
Join our Discord (mostly to coordinate Raids and Sanctuaries).
2500 min trophies.

You don’t need a super-powerful team of creatures, you can have even lower than lvl 20, most Raids include weaker dinos in their strats, and we will help you get even APEX DNA! But we do need you to be an active contributor, we have been cleaning house and getting rid of freeloaders who just want Alliance Incubators and NEVER respect Alliance Sanctuary policies.

If you wanna join us, look us up: The Mercenaries

Hey Oscar can you do raid with smaller lvl player as well bcz my small bro play this game on a daily basis even more than me but he is not in a good alliance…so can u help me,he even collects his daily coins and other stuff on a bi-cycle he is very good but needs a good team for Apex…so can u help him with this.
His game name is Black Adam

Depends how low.
FOr instance: Moth lvl 20 (for Cera), Irri lvl 15 or 20 depending on strats, and others at lvl 20 like tryo, tyla, trago, phoro, etc.
So when mentioning low level, you rarely will find something under 15, and most at least 20.

Tell him to send a request to The Mercenaries, and we will take a look at his profile to see if we can accept him.

Ok he sent it to you…
Plz help him.he is a very regular and nice player…

Tell him to get in a pvp battle to see his actual trophy count. we have a min requirement of 2500 :slight_smile: Since it just recently reset, it could be a matter of just doing one (win or lose, it will update to his last trophy count - he currently has 0).

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