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Want an increase in Roster Space? *Poll*

Our rosters are getting full and I’m sure many could agree since more species are being released. Even with all extra roster space purchased, earned from levels and from Flight Club it is not enough and we would like more ways to increase our space! I have a poll that you can vote too for the time being with a simple Yes or No if you want more space. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Yes
  • No

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of course . i think so too!

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Thanks Yohomie :slight_smile:

This is a common issue with the number of dragons this game has. I’ll ask that ludia either increases our roster according to the number of dragons added, for the dragons that are now additional to the ones we had and new ones in the future, even if we keep paying 250 for 5 spots every time… Or make it so we can purchase infinite spots with runes.