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Want Level 20 Sanctuary’s? Contact MINMI#4136 On Discord!

Have you ever wanted your alliance to go to the next level, well this is your ticket there! Join “JWAP‘s” CoOp sanctuary where your alliance will be able to get your very own LEVEL 20 Sanctuary!!

Here are some other perks that come with joining the CoOp:

  1. Level 20 Sanctuary’s as already stated

  2. Tons of raid helpers that could help your alliance begin winning apex raids

  3. Fast recruiting facility. Where if you are ever in need of a recruit you can get one in less than 48 hours. This week we are pushing for 24 hours or les.

Any questions or interested in joining this CoOp please contact me on discord. My discord is MINMI#4136.

Thanks, MINMI - Leader Of “JWAP”

Several well known alliances has joined the CoOp, so we are only seeking one more alliance. Please let me know on discord if interested, thanks!