Want me and others to join VIP - Do this

Here is a list of VIP vs Free player that makes it worth it yet still allows full play of players who can’t afford the extra expense. Explanation of some of the green highlighted below the list:

Having a choice of which commons, rares and epics we players can have when we open incubators from towers, purchases and PvP may in itself get many to sign up. When your in the game to “Get them All”, the need for certain DNA and having a way to get exactly what we want is very, very appealing. This in itself might just push me over to grabbing that VIP subscription.

Teleportation!!! Yes. The ability to go to the GPS location of the sanctuary,s before entering it to be able to look around grab any good creatures and dart them and even spin some drops, and I would sign up right now. This would be neat if the sanctuary was on the opposite side of the world and when I teleport to the location, its night time. For alliances, working together to put sanctuary’s in specific locations such as down towns, parks, spread in local zones to help each other out to get the DNA we need, you’ll have us all.

In the realm of working together as an alliance to be able to invite your other alliance members to your geographical location when say a T-rex pops up to help each other out would be another terrific draw to get players to sign up to VIP also. So if Joe needs like 20000 raptors and 6 of us are on line, I see one, invite everyone to my location. We all can dart it and then easily fill Joe’s request for raptors. Alliances are suppose to help each other out. Make it so we can along with this would be so much fun.

It’s a novelty but the idea of starting a battle in AR mode in my back yard and getting to watch these huge dinosaurs duke it out would be a neat addition to VIP. This may not be enough to get people to sign up but a good addition to the game. The videos for this would be awesome to watch.


Battle in AR sounds awesome!


Hmm I dunno, then we might be able to see rat coming :P.

But seriously great suggestions, the benefits of VIP aren’t all that great when compared to subscriptions of some other games.
Only reason im even still VIP given all the current games issues, is because with VIP I can reach 9 drops from my bed, without it, I can only reach 3.


I agree that AR battling sounds amazing, especially for in-person friendly battles at the same park.

I like the inventory perks and always felt that VIP needed a few more perks for the price back when I had it last year.

The main reservation I have about some of these suggested VIP perks is the choice of DNA, which further pushes the game towards pure pay to win. As much as I dislike random ‘lootbox’ mechanics, a world where everyone could get specific DNA all the time would be a nightmare in the arena, especially for endgame teams.

If they would change sanctuaries so that free players can only put 2 creatures in, I would probably stop playing. Also letting people choose what dna they get is too much. I’m fine with vip giving you extra stuff like more space for darts etc., but giving a huge advance over others, not liking it. Every game I have ever played you don’t get ahead of players with vip or whatever, it just gives you some extra stuff that will help, you still have to play the game like everybody else.

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VIP should receive more DNA from sanctuaries. Maybe something like 50% more.

I can kind of agree with some of the other stuff too.

However, VIP should only really aid a quicker progression so F2P players are able to compete at the same level. Some of what you are suggesting would create a massive imbalance

Teleporting to sanctuaries is too close to how some spoofers do things and getting to choose what you get from an incubator would be far too game changing. It defies the purpose of getting out there and playing/collecting.

The AR battles sounds like a nice addition though.

The benefits of being VIP are worth it but I think getting an Epic incubator each month when your subscription continues would be enough extra incentive and wouldn’t hurt the game.

I agree some little extra perks for vip could be good. It would surely turn more heads. Atm its just like ok.

Great ideas, but all of your dark green items in the list I wouldn’t want. It would give too much of a benefit and not leave anything to chance to be able to pick dna from incubators. Currently it’s nice that you end up with loads of random useless dna that you can maybe use later or donate, it has its benefits.

When you add everything up from your suggestions, VIP members would end up with a lot more coins and cash than others. They are all nice perks, nice suggestions, but a little too many in total maybe. The gap between F2P and VIP will be huge. Then again, lots more people would consider it and it would be beneficial for Ludia.

Don’t agree with reducing anything for F2P (yes, I am one), nor adding things not available. Agree VIP obviously needs benefits, but these should only be the ability to play the game more. Choosing the type of DNA received is too far and a seriously unfair advantage, as is shifting GPS location.

AR mode is a nice idea, but the game is fragile enough without it.

I would love to turn landmarks into an arena.
Get that AR running on S7’s Ludia!

Minimum 20 fuse :slight_smile:


The teleportation idea is like the Walking Dead game. They use flares. U can set a flare & anyone in your group can go to the area where you are. Then complete missions, ect. So for here, it could be for anyone in our alliance. Oh, and the flare lasts 30 minutes. I like a lot of the ideas on the graph, also.

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this is the one!!! no 10’s on fuses!

Why not? 20 will be the new 10.

I think he does not suggest to pick what exactly we want but something like this : my suggestion ages ago

Incubators Give us the ability to choose the Dinos from a pool you have provided,reward will pop up with 2 or 3 choices(for Commons,Rares and Epics)

8 : 15000 coins
7: 24 Darts
6: 3220 Stego or 3220 Apato or 3220 Lythronax (we choose one reward)
5: 2500 Sarco or 2500 Tany or 2500 Dilo Gen 2 (we choose one reward)
4: 250 Echo or 250 Dracorex or 250 Agentino (we choose one reward)
3: 400 Tenonto or 400 Megalo or 400 T-Rex 2 (we choose one reward)
2: 200 Sino or 200 Kentro or 200 T-Rex (we choose one reward)
1: 300 Anky or 300 Ourano or 300 Secondo (we choose one reward)

So in other words forget about the actual OGs. You know the actual free to play ones. We get the chopped liver and onions treatment?