Want things to change? BUY NOTHING

Want something to change? Hit 'em where it hurts. Is it any surprise there is an incubator sale the day before boosts show up in the store?

I’m through buying anything. If it makes the slightest bit of difference Ludia, your stupid decisions and eternal silence has cost you this paying player. All I can do is suggest others follow suit if we want things to change.


So a few dozen of people read this, most of those are already not paying for anything or not paying for boosts and maybe one or two people will actually think that this is a good idea and consider changing their habits. Until they see another boost sale and think: Ah well, one more can’t hurt. I wanna win!

In other words, it won’t hurt Ludia :slight_smile:


I agree with you. I stopped buying and I will never do it again. The problem is that there are too many people who are willing to spend avalanches of money and their only problem is that their Dino turbo intercooler V6 liv 30 has the toenail a mm shorter than the opponent. With people like that, Ludia will always do what she wants. Ludia is a leech who can’t even do her job well. We are a group of ignorant pecorons. Take the money out and you’re going to get it