Want to ask about the maximum level up

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Hi guys… Want to ask about the maximum that we can do for the dragons…
I found that my dragon already reach their maximum training, the question is until when is the top Of the maximum trained level?

I also found my monstrous nightmare can’t be level up again because the "level up " Button can’t be press again… So is the “can’t press” Level up Button is the top limit?

Sorry for asking this… I don’t want to waste donate my dragon because there is no more progress that I can see after it is reach their max training,

Thank you

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Hey HaeL, the maximum level for a 3 star dragon is 50. :slight_smile: You can continue donating dragons until you max out the ability level.

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The reason your level up button is still green is because your ability isn’t maxed out with Anviel and Slash-Dasher unlike it is with Charsoul

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Got it, will maximize them now till the level up. Button can’t be press, thank you

Thank you for the info

You’re welcome