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Want to drop I-raptor. Who should I bring in?

I want to drop Indoraptor from my team AGAIN but unsure who to bring in as a replacement to fit in with the rest of the team. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I don’t have access to an L3 so Magna is not an option and I refuse to run Thor

Looks like you need a bleeder. You don’t ha e Spinotasuchus?


I have Thylacotator for bleeding stuff

Put the green chicken on your team :+1:

I like spyx. it may be DC bait, but she’s my go to starter when i have her. At my range (18-22) she can take out 1.5-2 dinos if not ratted immediately.

anything but rat…


Bring in rat


The duality of man. To use the rat, or leave the rat.

Yes. Anything but the rat




Why?? He is tyrant at this point.

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I dropped it in June when I unlocked tenrex. Felt like I essentially gained an extra Dino on my team and never looked back after that

As it seems you have a lack of speedy things. Spyx, Procerat, Orion and maybe Dilorach can be a decent choise.
And the most easy way to change Indo is IndoG2, well … if you have enough Blue =D


however, even an under leveled Indo g2 can cause some serious damage. I’d say a lv 20 should be fine on that team. (if they have the blue dna for it)

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So did I, but after the changes in 1.9 giving it certain immunities and again in 1.10 changing the percentages to 75%… Its an absolute beast. Not top 5 in the game, but pretty close. Definitely better than anything else on his team he could replace it with.

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He is bad. He needs his damage back, it was stupid to nerf anyways.

He has been buffed the last two times. I’d be shocked if he isnt tyrant or borderline tyrant the next rankings. I actually think he is better than he was before he got nerfed. The big nerd was a boost to his attack stat and a nerf to his dodge… 50% chance of 66% damage. This means during dodge he was taking 17% more damage on average. Since then he has gained immunity to stun and distraction. AND the attack brought back down while gaining on dodge. 75% chance of 66% damage. That makes dodge exactly as effective as prior to the change on average. Giving it the 17% back. 75% chance of 66% dodge averages out to the same as a 50% chance of a 100% dodge. So now the only difference between the original tyrant dino and the current one is extra benefit of being immune to stun and distraction.

Thus it is a better dino now than it was before it got nerfed. Mine is solid for me even though I’ve given it no boosts.


Well mine always was untill last update, now I’m thinking it’s not getting any more boosts :worried:

This is sad because he was one of the two most fun dinos of my team before.

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I dropped my indo for thyla. I needed something that didn’t get shot down by slow. I had too many speedy dinos (still do) that 9/10 i would draw nothing but them. difficult to win with just 4 speedy dinos with lowish hp. (the lower rarity and level have helped a bit as far as match making. Things are closer to my level now.) Thyla gives me a bit more tools to work with.