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Want to have some update like this. :)


Hi, the trial event is awesome.
Hope can make this improvement below :

A: unique and legendary Dinosaur can be appear at Weekend. So that can have mode free time to go to collect their DNA.
Cause most people always work at Monday to Friday. After working will get only 1 to 4hours to search and collect them . Is never enough to level up the dinasour we love.

B : Hope can take alway the Player Vs Player battle Score Board rating , and battle area.
For me, I really don’t like to battling with other players.

1st is because most of the player always lower their score in purpose to use their POWERFUL creature that I can not battling with. They just want the dinosaur DNA, or may be just have fun to beat the other players. Feel sad that must lost to them and never go up. ( For me. I still at battle area 6 since last Year October.)

2nd is because most of the dinosaur DNA need to have higher score to get them. But actually even that I in the battle area to get the DNA . Is just never get them after I beat the player, get the incubator and open them.

3rd the incubators are extreme hard to get.Yes is because of the issues I writed above. Seriously I never get 24hours incubator anymore since the update. And also never get the DNA I want.

Hope can make change like
1: even that u lost the battle. Would not lost the score points and still in the battle area

2: can pick the dinosaur DNA we want .

3: 15 minutes incubator, 1hour incubator , 3hours incubator. 8 hour incubator , 12hours incubator and 24hours incubator can be equal appear.
Or can change to get them one after one .
Really appreciate it if Jurassic World Alive do that.

C: More NEW dinosaurs to collect and unlock them!! I’m really have fun collect their DNA.

D: Hope can have one dinosaur as your partner like BLUE in the movie. It will be fun to collect the DNA with your partner. Help slower down and stop the dinosaur. So that can have a nice shot of it. And can get extra DNA with partner too. Willbe fun haha.

E: the AR still can’t use on my phone . Hope can use the other kind of AR to take pictures with them.

I think is just all for now that I wish for the next update.


There are many ideal wishes here which I think everyone want…
But knowing Ludia I doubt they would do it for the next update.

By the way there is a pattern of the arena incubators. Someone posted it once somewhere but I don’t know where is it now. So it is actually not random for you to get 8hs, 12h or 24h incubators. You have to open a set amount of smaller incubators to get the larger ones.


I never keep track because getting that 24hr one is such a great surprise. Also, it would probably bother me more knowing my next win is 24hr inc and get trolled by RNG.