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Want to join a community of players that all love JWA?

Join us on discord to participate in fun challenges we create in game and chat about what you like/dislike about the game! Or just come chat and have a good time! We have something for everyone in our server.

If you’d like to join please send me a message on discord!


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Is this an alliance? My alliance is like a radio sending into space :slight_smile: i write stuff but nothing ever comes back… but maybe thats just bugs and everybody in there has the same feeling

Hi Erico! Yes the server is for the KillerRaptors and KillerRaptors2 alliances but we have tons of people from several different alliances.

Ok so maybe i should look at that, im at 5700, or was, today its 5300 because every opponent is now reset to lvl 30. Thats what reset means right? Kidding. I do play this game super much though so it would make super much sense to be in a more dedicated environment :slight_smile:

Well we all are very dedicated to the game. If you wanted to send me a message on there we can chat.