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Want to take down 7* alphas with us? We're looking for one more team member to join TheFinestFuries!

Good morning! Yep, joining in on the clan recruiting!

TheFinestFuries is looking for at least one more daily active member with at least mid-4k power. We’ve defeated all our alphas minus yesterday’s so far, including the previous 6*. We’re down a member at least, but willing to make room for those that are willing to jump in every day.

Check us out!

Find us here on discord…

Fun, friendly, motivated group! We’ve beaten 6* alpha without all members involved, so we’re looking to up our game and add more members.

Daily activity is a must! Prefer power level of 4000+, but lower levels will be considered as long as you participate and stay active.

Come check us out!

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Good morning all!

I just wanted to introduce our clan again. We’re an awesome, super friendly crowd that loves to help each other out. We’ve been established since day one. We all have teams in the 4-5k power range and look forward to our daily alpha battles. We’ve beaten several 6*alphas, but due to some bugs and a few members’ less than optimal contributions, we’re still looking to add to our clan. We’re at capacity now, but are very willing to make room for motivated, active players.

Please look us up on discord or message me here and we’ll be happy to give you a look!

Still looking to fill 1-2 spots! Come talk to us on discord!

Still looking for one more member to join us! All of us are mid-4k and above and we’ve easily been beating all of our 6* alphas (minus that bewilderbug), and now we’re ready to step it up and take down our first 7*. Looking for members that are willing to come back and use all available clan bolts whenever needed, be active in chat, and most importantly have fun!

I’m a 3993 BP and extremely active player who is looking for a better clan. All my dragons are at their max before you need a copy, so I wont gain anymore power until I get a copy of one of them, which is taking forever in breeding. Once I get even one of my dragon’s copies I will shoot above 4000. It would be great if I could join. Also, could you send a picture of the clan (the top part with description and power)?

5060 looking for clan.

Looking for one replacement member to join us!

We’ve been taking down a 7* alpha every other day and are getting super close to being able to do them consecutively.

Looking for a daily, active, competitive team member that can do around 100k damage, use all available alpha bolts when needed, and will be active on our discord server. Please message me here with a screenshot of your roster :blush: