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Wanting to change my account for jwtg and jwa from ipda to ipad

I need to change my account from tablet to tablet for both jwthg and jwa, could people help me??


Note down your Support Keys of both games, and :

  • Contact
  • Mention the Support Keys of your current accounts, and the support key of the games in the tablet you want to transfer your accounts to.

They’ll accordingly transfer the data.


so would I be able to play on both tablet, and would I have to download the game first in the new tablet, thanks will try that tommorow


No you will only be able to use it on the tablet that you transfered it to

thanks so much

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Last question can I ask suport inside the game, or message them in

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Thank you guys so much:
Finally switch account to my new tablet running smoothly, as the the only other app is alive and a few utility app :grin: :grin: :grin: