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Wanting to play with lower level or less powerful dinos


I’ve decided to arena drop, not to colllect incubators but because I miss playing with some dinosaurs that are no longer strong enough for the 4K+ levels and I want to try out some of the new ones. Do others do this? And if yes, which less powerful dinos do you love? I never played with gallimumus before but that little bugger is outstanding.

Ps, it takes ages to drop down arenas!


Good luck playing with Galliminus in lower levels, where most players who are also dropping arena are still using Indoraptor to get very quick wins over legit level players. It’s still amazing that at 1.6, matchmaking can be manipulated so easily still.


Red diplocaulus

A few others I will remember latter.

But yeah I love playing off beat unloved Dino’s and that plus the incubators is why I don’t rise up higher. Just no desire to go above marshes by focusing on only the killer few to level. Just happy as a pig in… Muck to be in the fun arena.

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I have to admit, I am amazed at low I am (2650) and still hitting legendaries. The game has changed a lot for lower level players.

I’m working with nothing above rare and only 2 dinos above 15. Figure at some point I will bottom out and equalise and then try to fight fair from there.


I always try new/less-used dinos by Friendly Battles. Get a good buddy(whom you know in-person might be even better) and start trying out. With friendlies, you would love the JWA more than normal battles. Because, all the fun begins when you get to see/use dinos at level 26 which you never used before.


I have some ones and sixes I use to play in the lower arenas. Make sure you have dinos that don’t hit back if you want to drop faster.