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Warm Thank You

It has been a long time since I felt love for this game. It seems like ages since Ludia made an update that did not make the game worse. Or decisions that made you say, what? But this update has done exactly that. Make me feel love once more.

Arena - though there are a select few creatures that probably need nerfed. Like Tryko and Maxima. The balance in the arena is vast now. Especially at the top. Even Low Apex creatures have some type of vital role they can play o anyone team. I know the intent was to make the meta rock, paper, scissors. And though I respect that intent. It still needs a slight adjustment. Resilient needs to be slightly nerfed and or buff the other 2 types. I prefer the nerfing as buffing other creatures just makes power creeping. Which was part of the problem with the arena before. Now not so much. Giant sauropods can be bled. Chompers cant just ohko half your team. Instead the gameplay is slightly slower and requires a bit more thinking than before. So ludia I thank you.

Hunting - though you did destroy locals. Which does not really effect scents at all since the amount of types of spawning is what effects it. The variety I see everyday is uncanny. I love hunting once more because no matter where i go i do not see the same 4 dinos over, and over, and over again. Local scenting has become a bit more accurate with the decrease in local spawns in general. Though locals have worse spawns overall. It makes scenting a lot easier if they are local spawns. So for this style of hunting. Ludia i thank you

Raids - I know this is just a basic template of what’s to come. But this type of content has brought so many of my friends back into the game they once loved. Having to actually think upon every move for these raids. The teamwork needed and such. For just a basic template it has a huge positive outcome. So ludia once again, I thank you.

Nerfs - Though I do think you guys went a bit over the top on these nerfs. Especially the legendary rarities. Since just about all of them got trashed on. Drastically nerfing is not something you should do. Just words of advise because if a player only works on a select 8 dinos simply because that’s all they can afford. Well if you trash can even one. They have no replacement and this game starts to suck for them. So In the future maybe just put yourself in their shoes and ask yourselves. Would I want my team to be unusable?

Bugs - I can not thank you enough for clearing up most of the bugs that were causing mayhem. Though theres new and still old bugs and it still should have never gotten to the point where people were quitting over them. I’m still grateful that a lot of these bugs have disappeared. So thank you :slight_smile:

Overall this update is what the community needed. Tons of pros but still some cons. It was atleast a huge stepping stone in the right direction. So ludia thank you :slight_smile:


I still wonder what bugs have been fixed.

Well for starters a lot of the mapping bugs have been fixed. Maps not fully loading g or taking forever to load. Rubber banding and such.

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I’ve rarely experienced those, so they weren’t so obvious to me.

Well when your out hunting 4 5 up to 10 hours a day it’s extremely irritating and noticeable

I was out hunting several hours. But not by car. On foot.