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Warning about Land vs/ Ceno PvP

Thought I’d stick this up top so no one would miss the warning… for anyone that’s been playing these, it seems to be nerfed again. I spent about 3 hours tonight playing and not ONCE got a common pack. I checked and it still listed them as a 20% chance and my previous sessions, I would definitely land on it at a rate that you’d expect for that probability. Not tonight. Game after game after game but no packs. I started watching the wheel more closely and noticed it appears FAR less frequently than before… and then noticed it disappeared completely! I tried on my iPad and it showed up on that one, but again, not nearly as often as before (not that the number of times it’s on there is indicative of the percentage, as the hybrids show up a LOT and they are almost impossible to get from my experience).

Not sure what Ludia is doing, but if you are playing these to get the packs primarily, it’s looking like they might be playing around with the chances of getting these, regardless of what they are advertising them to be. What a great way to further erode any trust and customer loyalty.


Wish i could back up what you’ve written but i can’t I’ve just done around 20 battles and received 3 packs and a hybrid i think you’ve just hit the dreaded dry patch.

Hopefully you’ll hit the winning streak soon

Thing is, I definitely saw a wheel that no packs even appeared on.

I think I just figured it out. Based on your message I tried a handful more matches but again no luck and the packs barely showing up. Then I had a thought…maybe its because I’ve been using these level 10 commons, which some of us have since it didn’t seem to matter before and there’s no cooldown. Bingo! Took only 2 tries to win a pack and they once again showed up frequently on the spin as before.


The thing to remember is before you spin the wheel the game has already decided what you are going to land on. The 20% chance means that every time you spin you have a 1 in 5 chance of landing on it for that “spin” it does not change anything regardless of how much you play. I agree that it is a dry spell but ultimately playing more does not increase your odds, in the sense that the 20% wont get higher, but more attempts at the 20% does increase your opportunities at the 1 in 5 chance. As a side note I have not gotten a pack for the last two days but did get a hybrid this morning for the first time. But I have only been doing the land battles with my lvl 1 commons when I need something to put into the first slot of my hatchery or if I need to kill some time before another item in the game finishes it’s cool down.

I guess you are right, I did a whole bunch more today both high level and my commons, and only managed one pack with the commons and it did indeed show a lot more packs when I landed on it. I’ve several times again had wheels with no packs showing at all. I did know that what you land on is determined before the spin, but it seems like really bad programming that it so much changes what the spin looks like… that doesn’t happen with the hybrids which always appear pretty much the same and those are even rarer.

I definitely have had it with the PvP for now, this isn’t just a dry spell, it’s a drought and I have 40 commons to hatch out now with very little to show for it. I may just start selling them off for DNA at this point.

That’s a minimum of 2000 DNA but will likely be much more unless they are all trikes.

Interestingly enough, I seem to get fewer trikes than anything. I’d guess what I have is more around 3K worth, but thinking I’ll keep them for the gold generation instead, since I don’t have any pressing need for DNA at the moment. Is it worth leveling them up or wait until my paddocks are full?

Never mind, I checked the coin payout before and after leveling up a pair of level 1’s and it goes up a fair amount. So I guess as long as my food holds out that’s what I’ll do.

The only reason I have the level 1s is they are Dino’s I have in the asset repository and I don’t see that they need to be fed, otherwise I level and evolve them when ever I have a first incubator open.

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Gotcha. Yeah I have a long way to go yet before I have to stuff things in the repo. I’ve been getting a lot of trade offers for my LPs for clock towers which is SO tempting, but I think I care more about saving for the 10K packs right now.

Is it possible to get a paddock full of level 40’s? I thinking of when you get to your last two being a level 20 and a level 10, you don’t have space to level up any further.

I think 9 level 40s, 1 level 30, 1 level 20, 1 level 10 would be the max


@Andy_wan_kenobi is right, this is what you end up with:

With all of the 40s proceeding this back part of the paddock.

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Okay thanks, figured it would not be able to get to all 40’s but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some way around that.

How did you acquire all your clock towers? I’ve only so far seen them as a trade for points, or in the lotteries.

A year plus of trades and lotteries, I will trade for clock towers almost every time except for when it is DinoBucks. Even then sometimes I am tempted depending on what the trade is offering. It is by far the best decoration in the game IMO.

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So you get offered trades for them other than LPs? I know how good a decoration the tower is, but I have to work so hard for my LPs and those VIPs have been so awesome for me, I just can’t bear to give so many of my points up. But I definitely have been thinking about it.

They have to be good trades for me at the time, I remember doing some that were 6-7k DNA for 7-9 towers, or a few Million food for 1 or 2. It just depends on what the trade is and where my resources are at the moment I get the trade offered. I figure it takes 4000 LP to buy one in the packs when they are offered so anytime I can get them for much less than that since I will never purchase them at that rate in those packs.


Got it thanks! I’m definitely a long way off from having that much DNA or food to spare, so I’ll just keep going with buying up Hammond statues for now.