Warning about Matinence


I know I’ll cop a bit of flack for this because there was a message sent out this morning, however if a 10 minute warning could be sent out; 1) players would be happier 2) people would open incubators early spending cash which is good for Ludia right?
Just an idea. You can never keep everyone happy.
Maybe an estimate about down time would be handy too.


When the warning was issued it stated the specific time the maintenance would commence.


They sent a message in-game, let a message on twitter and made a post about it here. They explicitly said the starting time (13 hours GMT)
I don’t why we would need more it’s already enough. And they probably can’t announce return time because :

  • They probably don’t know how many time it will take (unexpected bug, etc…)
  • If they give a deadline, people will be mad if they take longer than what they said (can happen for whatever reason)
  • If they take account of it and give a long frame like 6 hours window it will be disappointing.

All we know is that they told us the start time within multiple supports (good point) and they said it should be a short maintenance break. I expect 1-2 hours max. let’s hope the shortest (but more important the best)


Yes absolutely it was fair warning although in GMT. It’s great that they let us know. Still a ten min warning couldn’t be too hard to do would it?
Just an idea.


Just one hour it’s back :wink: