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Warning - Do Not Buy HC

You can be banned at any time for no reason and unfairly accused of cheating. Ludia will not unban you even when you can show proof you were legitimately traveling. Do not foolishly invest time and money in a game that will ban you randomly, like i did. Loyal customer spent hundreds of dollars and Ludia treats me like this. Be aware.




Other than getting continental DNA (which is not that great anyway), there’s pretty much no advantage in travelling… Why would they ban you for that? This is crazy.

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what’s HC?

Hard cash

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That sucks sorry to hear that.

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I’ll keep this in mind as I’ll be traveling to visit my mom in a couple weeks.

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Travelling means cross national border, right?

Shouldn’t be an issue for me at least in the near future.

Had experience playing PoGo couple of years back when I was on a holiday in another country. Was perfectly fine. So, I’m not sure why it’s an issue if you legitimately travel to another country for business or personal purposes and launch this game from Lydia’s perspectives.

I traveled often and played during such times, never had an issue (touching wood)

I used to travel LOADS for work and have been playing this game for years, it’s never been an issue.

What does HC mean?

Hard Cash. The green bucks you get in game. :dollar:

Ooo. Thank you!!

I just bought some :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

I’ve put so many months into my work

Plz Ludia don’t ban me