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Warning Don’t use tapjoy

Let Ludia sort it out with them and why you can’t submit tickets for non received hard cash. If Ludia continues to ignore this situation than we as players should stop using it!

Not a problem; game offers don’t even appear for apple devices anyway so we’re stuck with either paying for HC or painstakingly saving it up. :wink:


I’ve never used Crapjoy and never will. I’ve seen other posts on here and Reddit about the problems people have with TapNOjoy, and I want nothing to do with it!

Interestingly enough, whenever I get that annoying Crapjoy notification on my main account and I click on it to get rid of it, I get an error message saying there are no offers available for me. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Now if they would just STOP sending me those stupid notifications in the first place everything would be great!


I only use apple devices! Plenty of offers! The issue is actually getting the rewards! It’s basically a crap shoot sometimes you get it and sometimes you don’t but in the past you could submit support tickets and might hear back from them and get the rewards!

Now when you submit a support ticket you get a BS pop up saying the request failed and to check your internet!

So tapjoy has disconnected its support feature

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Hey there Mr deep!!

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That’s Ms. Deepwrinkle :wink:

Sorry I had no idea! Many apologies

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Recently had a problem with Tapjoy, King Of Avalon and Ludia.

Allegedly I didn’t install the app from Tapjoy.
After one intense month playing Tapjoy denied reward. 9700 HC thrown to trash. Thanks Ludia… Thanks for not helping your users.

I proved game was correctly installed.
Tapjoy redirected me to KOA.
KOA sent me to Tapjoy.
tapjoy sent me back to KOA.
KOA didn’t listen to me. Any more

I open a ticket to Ludia support to help.
Because no telephone support to talk seriously to a responsible.


According to them I was spamming but what I only did was claiming a reward I deserved according to rules posted in the offer.

The point is if I don’t receive a reward I have to send whatever they ask to prove I did everything to be eligible…but when they state “oh, sorry, you are not eligible” They don’t show you any proof of that.

Ludia doesn’t involve stating “well… This is a 3rd party app, we don’t care if something is wrong”…

Tapjoy is a big lie.
Is a way to steal our time and some micro transactions commission for. Sure Ludia is receiving…

Best regards…


Its a big scam, often gathering your private information or trying to let you spend ingame in one of their game offers. Its not worth the virtual cash


I’ve actually never had real trouble with Tapjoy. I have been denied rewards once on a minor survey offer. I took the survey, and then the website said “Almost done! We need you to answer these questions or do this or that too” and had me do 3 different things. Asked me to do #4. The website was being dishonest and having people do an endless stream of things for them without ever giving the reward. That was the fault of those people, not Tapjoy. I had someone say after that they never do the surveys for that reason.

I am sorry to hear about the Avalon problem, though. With that much cash on the line, it must have been a whole lot of work…

sounds like upgrading the main castle/ mansion to a specific level. probably 15+. It takes a lot of time. Most of it waiting for things to finish building. Resources are pretty easy to get to do that. Just the time it takes to actually complete the offer without spending real money is difficult.
I had a similar 5K+ HC offer for one of these games, as well as a 12K HC offer. I was able to get both but had to send in a ticket for the smaller amount. Their terms about games and offers confuses me tho. Seems like you can’t do more than one offer per game because it has to be a fresh account.

Plenty of complaints going back several years on the better business bureau website. All the same complaints.

I just had to get past level 100 on cookie jam.
Wife plays on her phone, I never played. Installed it on my phone
Have all the screenshots.
Got denied by tapjoy, contacted Ludia as directed here.
Ludia support told me to contact Tapjoy.

I’m kind of upset… Lol. It’s cool.

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Funny thing is I never would have even started this thread if the support function worked instead of giving a BS message about internet or ad blockers.

Seriously! Tapjoy needs to be removed from the game until this is resolved.

No support means no HC if a vendor or app doesn’t pay out!

Even the vendors and merchants themselves tell you t deal with tapjoy!

I really thought the merchant might help because being associated with something scammy can give them a bad reputation all over social media if people took to the streets!

Companies with game apps can care less about a little bad publicity but a company that sells merchandise can be seriously hurt from bad press!


I gave up on TapJoy a long time ago when they had War Dragons as an offer and the HC was 4k. I met the demands that it wanted which was get to level 10. Did not see one bill of HC as a reward.

It’s all good :slight_smile: My bad for not mentioning it a long time ago when we were communicating privately right before Sand Dunes Jr was created.

I used to watch the 30 second trailer ads videos. Then everything stopped working on Apple so I just figured whatever. Glad I don’t deal with them.


They are in California.

If anyone feels the need to correct the situation, best bet is contacting the Cali State Attorney General, I’ve found through the years that state attorney generals offices usually produce results, much better than any legal/court actions.


353 Sacramento St 6th Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94111

California state attorney general:


Eh, I never believed tapjoy anyway.

I earned quite a bit of HC from tapjoy but i was also scammed out of about 40k HC. Maybe more. It is handled very poorly on their end. A 3rd party needs to handle the payouts and disputes. Tapjoy should not be allowed to rule in their favor nearly every time. UNFAIR!