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Warning Don’t use tapjoy

I did a RipJoy survey once, didnt get squat for it, never touched ScamJoy again.

And if Ludia advertises TapJoy in ita game, exposing players of THEIR game to it, thata on Ludia. Ludia are 100% responsible for making sure players aren’t getting scammed.

That being said, it’s Lydia…are you really surprisd they would allow dodgy things like CrapJoy in their game?


I won’t touch Tapjoy. You don’t get enough bucks from it and I don’t want to waste my time playing other games when I want to spend my time playing JWA.


I used to do offers on TapJoy. Some games and other offers, but most of the ones I did were quizzes. The quizzes could be so misleading. There would be some questions that you would get right, but end up getting wrong because the “wrong answer” was programmed to be the “right one”. Then the number of easy questions you had to answer was a lot more than advertised. It was horrible. The last TapJoy offer I did really put a sour taste in my mouth and swore to myself that I would never use them again. :rage:


For those still having issues Tapjoy now has a Twitter account! They responded fairly quick to me and asked me for a screenshot of the error I was receiving! Look for TapjoyCS on Twitter!

I will keep up to date here on my progress! More interesting though is they may actually start investigations as to why we can’t submit support tickets!

They responded within 24 hours of my post on their feed. I believe it is very active!

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I still wonder if the staff, moderators read these things.

It is really frustrating Ludia let their 3rd party announcers take benefit from us players using tricks and legal loopholes in the terms and conditions.

In fact, when we start a Tapjoy offer we are actually PAYING for the hard cash offered.

I am really sorry Ludia doesn’t care about us at all
[Insert Michael’s Jackson song] and hope they start listening to us…

Seriously Ludia you don’t get any responsibility for the offers announced insise YOUR GAME?

it is easier to silence us when complaining more than they expect.


@Rolybert I NEVER EVER use

Made it in before it locked