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Warning to be unmatched but match is away on break

I got a notification that I’d be unmatched with someone soon, but they are “away for a while”. I’m not too worried since they aren’t a favorite, but I hope it doesn’t happen to my favorites who are away. I think there shouldn’t be a threat of being unmatched if there’s nothing you can do about it because their stories aren’t updated. I’m sure it’s not intentional though either but something that I think should be looked into.

Any way to prevent being unmatched with them though when this happens? Apologies, because I saw a similar topic a while back, but I don’t think I ever saw a solution.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re unmatched while your match is taking a break, Fish. We’re aware of this issue and understand that it is definitely frustrating when that happens.

Please rest assured that our team is working on a solution to address this.


Thanks for the reply and confirmation that it’s being looked into!


What does it mean that I’ll be unmatched with a favorite since everything has been going smoothly??

If you haven’t replied in a few days they may unmatch with you. If they’re away and you’re warned that they’ll unmatch it’s a bug and don’t worry about it as it shouldn’t actually happen. If it does you match with them again the next time you see their profile and you can resume the story where you left off.

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I also got the same error right now in the same situation. I hope that the issue will be solved soon.

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I just got this message too! And one of my fav. It’s just a bug?

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If they’re listed as away for a while then yeah. Don’t worry about it.

I sent multiple help desk about this with not one reply. I am glad someone answered in the forum. I was freaking out and finally came here. Every single guy I have matched with is away for a while and most of them have said That they will unmatch with me. So I was really getting worried.

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i feel like this is sort of related? but i just got unmatched by someone who’s been away for a while
(i really hope this bug gets resolved soon//)

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Oh no, sorry to hear that as it shouldn’t happen. At least you can match with them again when you find their profile and resume where you left off, but still annoying.

This has just happened to me too. 7 of my 9 matches are on a break. I recieved three unmatch warnings and got one alert that one character has unmatched me, but they are still on my list.

How long are characters usually in active for? I’m not getting any new matches and if all my existing matches go on a break and then unmatch me I’ll have wasted all the money I have spent.

They shouldn’t unmatch you while away, that’s just a bug. It usually takes a couple weeks or so for an update with more/new content. In the case you do get unmatched you can always match with a character again and resume the story where you left off with them.

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So… I’ve been getting daily warnings about different characters that will unmatch my character soon but they are all “off line” for a while so there’s no way to interact with them… Anyone else?

Same here, the app keep warning me that these matches will unmatch me soon, but all of them are grey(offline for a while).

Ohhh good that it’s unlikely to actually happen. I’ve been getting daily warnings about different characters unmatching mine even though they are “off line for a while” too.

Yeah, it’s a bug. I always get those notifications too, but just ignore them. The characters shouldn’t actually unmatch with you, and in the case that they do you can always match with them again and resume the story where you left off.

Same here and usually for the same few characters, but you’re fine ignoring it.

Thanks for the tip.:purple_heart:


I got a notification that Ryan is going to unmatch me because I’ve been unresponsive but I haven’t. He’s been greyed out for a few days!

What can I do to make sure that doesn’t happen?