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Warning to be unmatched but match is away on break

Don’t worry! If he does unmatch with you then you can always rematch with him later and resume the story where you left off, or he may not unmatch with you at all. I got that notification when one of my matches was away for a while and nothing happened. Support does know about the issue though and are trying to resolve it.


So has that happened to you? Were you unmatch and were able to just match again and things picked up from where you left off? Unblurd pictures and all?

Yep, I did it with a few characters and intentionally unmatched with them then matched with them again later and everything picked up where it left off. No need to rebuy any photos or anything.

I am very upset as I was gone for a week from my phone and I come back and everyone disappears how do I get them back! Please help

I’m sorry to hear that happened, jordanisgreat_505! They should re-appear again through matchmaking. Once you re-match with your previous dates, you will be able to continue from where you had left off.

I’ve been getting a l notifications saying characters will unmatch soon.
They all have been offline for a few days now. What does that mean?.

I believe that it as a bug, don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

What @Salley said, it’s just a bug and you can ignore it.

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Just received a notification that one of my matches that’s been offline for a while will unmatch me soon… how can it be possible if I cannot message him?

I have also had that today for Albert Bishop, first time since they did the bug fix a while back

It’s a bug, just ignore it. In the case that you are unmatched (though you shouldn’t be as he’s away for you) you can always match with a character again when you come across their profile and resume the story where you left off.

I was wondering where my matches went. Except I never received any notification of them wanting to unmatch (maybe because I have it set to off). I’ve had some that I’ve been able to recover when they pop up but now its just the waiting game of finding them again in matches.

If you turn off notifications then yeah, you won’t be notified when you’re on the verge of being unmatched with by a character.

Honestly, I don’t even play much anymore since updates are so slow and the majority of characters I’m interested in have either been away for a while with few to no updates or haven’t been released yet and have been in the pool from the beginning (despite new characters being added to the pool and having story content made for them).

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