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Warrior bug

@Ned @John
I think I have seen others talk about this but it is the first time I have seen it myself. Luckily it worked in my favor

I had the enemies warrior dominated. I hit him and his counterattack went against his own team. He then followed that up with his normal attack against his team

I can understand if a non dominated character gets hit by a dominated teammate a counter attack that has AoE might hit all of the teammates. I don’t see how it is ok when the enemy hits a dominated player and causes that players auto attack to go of against his team. That is basically just an extra attack while dominated.

I saved a clip of what I am talking about if it will help. I can’t attach it here but can video be sent to support? Or will it automatically get junked?

Is that a bug I like it - he randomly hits out in any direction while dominated

I agree. It is illogical for dominate/counterattack to function this way, particularly in relation to the way counterattack randomly strikes either party.

Unfortunately, as a long-standing issue, this topic has previously circulated through the forums and has been directed to support.

As the developers have shown no interest in correcting this function, I have chosen to use it to my advantage when the opportunity arises.

Gotcha I probably only skimmed over it and didn’t catch it

Hey there, @Mkb617, thanks for the report - it’s definitely weird that the attacker is not the one being countered, despite the domination effect! I think having the video would definitely clear up any potential confusion, so we’d appreciate it if you’d send it to our support team at

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Ok will do… I will send it when I get a chance later today

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