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Warrior Draft health

I usually enjoy the warrior draft events, but it makes no sense how the toons in warrior draft have no health… what’s the point of showing people gear setups they might not have yet or letting them play toons they haven’t unlocked yet to see how they perform in battles, when they all have nerfed health it doesn’t give a true example of how those toons or gear setups actually function… I don’t get why Devs would specifically give less health than what the toons level + gear level would normally be

No way a level 15 Calli with level 13 legendary gear has 700 HP.


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Thanks, Blazenkks! I’ll forward your feedback to our team.

I casted no attack on opponent theif and he was able to hit me with his long attack. Is it still not a attack?

Is it a game error?

Hey there, Steveo. Could you email our support team here at with your support key and more information on the error so our team can take a closer look?