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Warrior Draft....Too early for so much thought

Did a couple runs of the new Draft battle. Seems cool. Still on my first coffee though, so the brain is not quite ready yet. Observations : you need to put your group out of mind; I.e. when I was to choose between Tommy and Rak my Tommy is the superior tank in my roster so I picked him, I could have not been more wrong. Bard is using common lute (heal and move) over insta kill or Dom…wss wondering why my opponent gave her to me. I don’t have Jarlaxle or Monky Fish guy…but I have had each and agree Fish guy for the win (Jarlaxle takes too long to buff). All in all it’s a neat idea …
Watch out when I wake up guys :grin:

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i only played a couple but so far dont like it at all for multiple reasons ill get into later.

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I won’t play it since it’s very very very boring.

The main limit is that the characters are underpowered still they have a lot of HPs…as a consequence the battles take too long.

The concept itself is not bad, yet I think Ludia have to work on the durarion (either less HPs or more powerful characters)


Based on initial impressions, this event may not be suitable for experienced players. I was not impressed.

However, I believe beginner and moderate player will really enjoy the Draft Event.

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Out of curiosity, are they all lvl 15. My roster has lvl 15-18 in it, yet all my options where lvl 15. I like the fact that I get to see first hand how those char that I refuse to pay for are played. Boring, ya…they need to tweak stuff with it. I have stated that I wish they had put their efforts towards PVE content…and like most events I will probably only play it sparingly. I guess after 2 years of playing this game I am still easily entertained :laughing:

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I’m enjoying it. The gear is definitely substandard in a lot of cases and not what I would pick (common lute for caliope…), but the battles are more about tactics and using your team to advantage. And I don’t mind that they take a while, i’d rather a battle go on for a bit than get 1 shotted…

This event is lame. So much so that the end reward doesn’t even make it worth doing in my opinion.

Playing characters that you don’t know their equipment is like playing chess but you are unsure of how the pieces move.

Perfect example - bard casts ‘advance ally+heal’ on Joppa but he is immune. So I had to waste a turn just to find out that Joppa has his epic wondrous equipped.

This event is awful. It’s not fun win or lose.


Ya I found that out the hard way aswell, Monk Fisher must be immune to push/pull. I assume they gave Cal the crap Lute so peeps did not complain about Dom… I don’t kind that it goes on a bit longer, Joppa is geared with insta kill as is Mage. I assume there will be a lot of talk about it. Making it an event for the introduction is maybe overkill, since so many of us hate the ToM format…an attempt to balance ToM??? Still to time consuming to me, I rather spend my time criticizing content than playing it :grin:

I play this game to build and play my own characters. Zero interest in this event.


So far played it once and thought it was really fun. Nice to have new choices that I have to think about. I can see why it would be frustrating since you have to decide without all the information but so does opponent and it doesn’t affect your trophies so good change of pace.

I stand corrected. Losing in the event ended my Battle win streak. I thought that events didn’t count towards that but unfortunately not the case.

Yeah it counts both ways, but definitely should not.

After playing about 25 battles to get a better sample, I have concluded this event is geared toward less experienced players and offers little for those who are adept.

A few specific items I noted:

  • The heroes and synergies were completely unbalanced. Two heroes seemed to significantly overpower the others. On a couple of occasions I preserved one of these specific heroes until I was down to the one hero against four. In both cases I easily came back to win. I believe it would have been wiser to balance the hero’s packages such that this would no occur.

  • Along the same lines, it would have been fairer had players been offered a selection of the same heroes before the match began

  • The skill level of opponents was often shallow. I was regularly matched against newbies who was far more competent with the emoticon buttons than hero abilities. In a few cases they were completely inept, making it difficult to lose. Utilizing trophy counts to match players could have prevented this nonsense and would also give weaker players a better chance against more comparably skilled opponents.

  • While I have little regard for maintaining extended winning streaks, it seems unfair players with long win streaks had them abruptly halted by losses in this flea circus.

  • Some heroes seemed to have higher leveled equipment than others. Some would proc regularly and some would not. It would have made decision making easier were players provided some information on the current proc rates or equipment levels.

  • This event confirmed my preference for heroes equipped with powerful equipment and quick battles. Suffering through the bloated agony of these unnecessarily lengthy matches was exhausting. As PvP events already tend to take too long, completing this event would be monotonous.

On the plus side, with the exception of being matched against overly powerful players, I believe newer players may have found this event compelling.

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At least I’m learning about new tactics through load outs I would never choose myself.

Still, it’s nice to play against new people from different trophy brackets.

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What are the tier 2 and 3 rewards?


Event bugged out for me. Can’t finish it now. Finished level 2, got no rewards, and it won’t let me start level 3. I click on level 3 and it won’t start game or do anything except I lose the bottom menu buttons such that I have to reboot app. Tried deleting and reinstalling. Happened right after getting an error in draft matching. Won’t be able to finish event because support won’t see the tix until Monday after it ends. Anyone else get this and figure out a way to fix?

Menu buttons gone after clicking to start level 3 event.

My criticism moderated for Foul language?!?! Reposting as there is nothing offensive here just truth - removed an apparently offensive acronym.

Have played quite a lot of matches of Warrior Draft and the draft element is misleading. You get to pick the lesser of 2 evils and then get lumped with 2 rejects to build your squad.

Whoever kitted out these level 15s with their equipment obviously has no PVP experience whatsoever.

Naomlen has no stealth kit whatsoever! Bard has a weird set-up. Weak set-ups for Saarvin and Shev.

As for the exclusive characters, unless Grandpa Fisherman and Michael Jackson have some better kit than this they are useless except for being immune to stuff.

My idea of draft mode was pick a team of 4 and pick your kit and then match up with an opponent. Absolute poor as it stands.

It’s funny because I’m enjoying standard PvP much more now there are win streaks etc… so I’ll be sticking to that.

I thought it was really nice to be able to play with Joppa and Jarlaxle, since not everyone has them. Plus, Joppa’s equipment actually works really well for him, unlike Saarvin’s… The ranger is absolutely useless here and he’s definitely my lowest choice, just under Calliope with her lute.

This event would have been much better if they just matched people up with similar character levels and then let us draft using our own characters. For example start of draft I get offered ranger or mage…if I choose ranger that means opponent gets mage…next offer is cleric or bard, i choose bard so opponent gets cleric…my opponent gets offered warrior or barbarian and choose barbarian so i get warrior, then opponent is offered rogue or warlock and chooses rogue so i get warlock…fight ends up my team being my team :ranger, bard, warrior, warlock…my opponent gets his team: mage, cleric, barbarian, rogue. Only we are all using our own characters. I dont know about everyone else but I put a lot of work into my team and then having to use another inferior team to fight with for a minimum of 50 matches stinks.

Basically what they have done is taken pvp which is already insufferable and made it worse forcing you to play with under powered toons that make everything take longer. Ludia must want the app to fail