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Warrior Epic weapon upgrade broken

I asked months ago about the level 7 warrior epic sword and shied. When it hit levels 7 it goes to 50% Ac boost and still says it lasts 3 turns (as the lower levels have).

The graphic though shows 2turns. I asked and they said it does indeed last the intended 3 turns.

Well I finally got it to level 7 and it now does only last 2 turns not the proper 3.

Ludia please fix this

There’s the original post

Some things are still there without the visual.

Eg if you do a two turn wound on the mind flayer boss, the wound icon drops off after the first turn yet it still wounds them on the second turn

I’ll bring this up with our team again, Cptmak. Thank you!

Good thought Turbotarry, so I went back to see if I was wrong about the AC actually lasting 3 turns (not 2) even when the logo disappeared but I was correct the AC boost is only lasting 2 turns.

So the upgrade to level 7 is definitely dropping the duration from 3 down to 2 turns.

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Any update on this, months ago you said it’s working. I’ve conformed it still isn’t, are they going to fix this?

Why did they tell you before it was only a visual error?

Hey Cptmak, it has been reported to our team, and they’re looking further into it.

Any update on this? It’s been 22 days, I assume the devs would provide some feedback on this by now?

Hey Cptmak, no ETA on a fix yet. However, I’ve just brought it up with our team again, and they’re still working on it.

Thanks for update.

I’ll check back in a few weeks, unless it’s fixed or you’re able to provide a specific timeline for the fix.

Can we get an update on when this bug is expected to be fixed please?

From Tommus’ perspective, he’s already used the first turn of the duration. For his allies at this very moment, the duration says 3 in both spots.

He hits the enemy, gets the AC bonus instantly in time to defend against the enemy’s counterattack, for example.

Please see the two screenshots below. The Warlock’s Wanderer’s Laurel was bugged in the exact same way, the description text reflected the intended duration while the duration indicator below that showed the bugged duration.

Are you guys now trying to say it’s not broken? After all this time, trying to flip the official answer?

100% sure when you upgrade it from level 6 to level 7 it is losing 1 turn for all hero’s. It is definitely broken.

I’m not a programmer at all so I have no idea really, but how is correcting the turn timer not a simple fix that coulda have been done months ago?

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Is this being fixed now? @Ned

Hey Cptmak, our team is still working on addressing the description. No eta at the moment. :sweat:

Its not the description that is the problem! It is the functionality being reduced on upgrade!

Exactly as Mstar said.

This is what you told us before @Ned

With update 13 the AC boost duration has been fixed to last 3 turns after it has been upgraded to level 7. I’ve checked the turn indicator on the item and ingame behavior.