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Warriors of Waterdeep x Roll Together - Season 2

Warriors of Waterdeep and Roll Together are proud to announce a brand new collaboration. Roll Together will be running an 8-part actual play adventure featuring our exclusive characters as they battle through Harvestshield Mountain at the behest of Laeral Silverhand.


Where To Watch

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Each episode will air Tuesday on Twitch at 2 pm E.T.

Unable to watch The Dragon of Harvestshield Mountain live? No problem, each episode will be uploaded to our Youtube channel the following Thursday!

Cast & Characters

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Leading up to the first episode airing May 25th we will be slowly revealing the cast here.

The first person to join our adventure is…

Who will be portraying

The second member of the party is…

Who will be playing the role of

The third cast member to join the Actual Play Adventure is…

Acting as

The fourth cast member gracing the party is…

Protecting the party as

The fifth cast member to join our intrepid party is…

Casting wild magic as

Our Party has been assembled! All that is left is to meet the DM for our 8-part Actual Play Adventure,


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Tune in on Twitch and claim in-game resources!

Gameplay Resources

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With the aid of D&D Beyond, Roll Together has created new gameplay resources to adapt Warriors of Waterdeep for tabletop play: character sheets for the heroes, item descriptions for the treasures, and monster descriptions for the foes battled along the way. Gameplay resources will be updated on our website after every episode.