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Warriors Update in March

At least one event fails to load after one, free run.

The new update included a monthly pass. As I
was verbal about the idea, I decided to put their
answer to the suggestion, to the test.

Unfortunately, it falls somewhat flat. The
occassional extra gold is a HUGE bonus, but
even that is only occassionally. The timer for the
daily VIP reward is tied into the 4 hour wait time,
when it SHOULD be it’s own entity. NOT tied into
the free chests.

In fact, when the VIP reward is received, I am not
quite sure if it even drops special rewards every
daily open…

Ultimately, I would say the improvements to XP and gear available in dungeon runs have given life back to the game, the VIP pass needs work, especially for 20$ Canadian.


Not canadian, it’s 20$ USD

Great stuff, i wanted to know if thetes a way to upgrade spells

Yes, on the equipment that has the spell you want to update, you can see a preview of the upgraded spell as well as to which level the spell will upgrade.

Soo to upgrade your spells, you’ll need to upgrade your equipment. Both a tightly linked together.
Most equipment will have an upgrade on 1 3 5 7 10 and 13.
Legendary seems to be 1 2 3 (didn’t get further soo i don’t know if its 4 or 5).

thanks so its pay to play in the long run

Yes and no…
If you do not want to pay, you can still play but you’ll have to grind A LOT.
If you pay to get faster in levels and such, you’ll be skipping a morgage bill or two to just get a single level after lvl 10.

Soo, yeah we can consider this pay to play. And plus the prices are WAY over market. There isn’t a single game out there that would be asking 130$ for 16k gems. or 80$ for the bard (when he was on beta test). 20 USD for Vip… Lawl the most expensive one out there isn’t over 5$ a month. and even world of warcraft isn’t over 15$ and they have way more support, communication, and content.

This company (Ludia) is money hungry.

If you check their other games in the forum, they all have the same problem: no open discussion, no feedback, no support, over priced, destroyed once great games.
They are rats.

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You not kidding on that , why i dont spend $$ on games cause what you spend on one game here you can buy month bill in phone and own a game for x box or ps4. Lol