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Warriors Update in March


At least one event fails to load after one, free run.


The new update included a monthly pass. As I
was verbal about the idea, I decided to put their
answer to the suggestion, to the test.

Unfortunately, it falls somewhat flat. The
occassional extra gold is a HUGE bonus, but
even that is only occassionally. The timer for the
daily VIP reward is tied into the 4 hour wait time,
when it SHOULD be it’s own entity. NOT tied into
the free chests.

In fact, when the VIP reward is received, I am not
quite sure if it even drops special rewards every
daily open…

Ultimately, I would say the improvements to XP and gear available in dungeon runs have given life back to the game, the VIP pass needs work, especially for 20$ Canadian.


Not canadian, it’s 20$ USD